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Frequently Asked Questions

KRISHNASHRAY is a “Senior Living” project specially designed to meet the residential, social and health care needs of senior citizens, including set of facilities at par with international standards designed to give an aspirational golden years to those in need of. The facility is built as part of the social development program of SHRI GOPLALJI MAHARAJ TRUST. The trust has been working since last over a century in the religious & social infrastructure development in and around Jabalpur. The main ideology behind the concept is to develop an environment for seniors where they can live a safe, secure, hassle-free life amongst friends who aspire to similar lifestyle options.

Krishnashray is located on the southern part of Jabalpur. It is just of the National Highway 44 (old NH-7) near the Narmada river and the Tilwaraghat bridge. It is about 20minutes from Jabalpur city center, 25 minutes from Jabalpur Madan Mahal railway station and 45 minutes from the Airport.

The project is being developed by Shri Gopallalji Maharaj Trust (TRUST). The trust is a religious trust which was established by the illustrious families of Jabalpur and it is continued to be managed by the representatives of these families and other renowned and respectable citizens of the region. The trust continues to manage the tradition of sewa, since over a century, of the Shri Gopallalji Maharaj temple/haveli as per the religious traditions established by Seer Vallabhacharya ji along with dharmshalas, mandapams , goshalas, regular religious sermons and spiritual discourses. It is also providing supporting in the society by extending scholarship and help to the needy.

AVI is a Not-for-Profit Trust, set up by Mr. Amal Ganguli, Chairman of the Governing Board of HelpAge India; with the sole objective to provide support services to the middle class elderly within the community. Thereafter Mr Arun Gupta is now the key trustees at AVI. AVI is India’s leading organization, working in the Senior Living development / management sector. It offers a range of services to Developers/ Organisations and those desirous of setting up Old Age Homes, elderly care homes and Retirement homes across the country. AVI has a knowledge sharing association with Pacifica Senior Living of USA. AVI has provided key inputs as consultants on the project concept, design guidelines and other planning related activities.

At present the trust has provided an area of about 5 acres to Krishnashray. The construction has been planned in phases. The first phase of 40 units is ready. Many residents have already moved in and are enjoying life in Krishnashray. This five acre parcel is part of a larger estate of the trust called Gopal Udyan at Tilwara in Jabalpur and the trust reserves its right to increase or decrease the area available for Krishnashray.

It is a freehold property of the Trust hence it ensures peace of mind to the residents. The residents choosing to live and enjoy Krishnashray will be given occupancy/right to us/ lease rights and the individual units are not being sold to senior citizens but being provided to eligible seniors to live.

There are two types of residential units:

  • 2 BHK – living cum dining room, 2 bedrooms, 2 toilets, kitchen, and balcony.
  • Studio Apartments

All these are in a 4 floor building built on stilt, so total five floors.

The project has been conceptualized taking the changing aesthetic and practical needs of the senior citizens into consideration. This can be explained under two categories i.e. design features and resident services.

  1. Design Features: fully accessible & adaptable environment for free movement through features like rounded edges in walls, anti-skid flooring, grab bars, wider entries & corridors, resting spaces, emergency call monitoring, larger switches, higher lighting levels, stretcher lifts, no door risers and integrated interactive activity areas etc.
  2. Resident Services: Krishnashray should have an active living which entails services like common dinning, fitness cum physiotherapy, art & crafts rooms, library and indoor games. The doctor at site will be available on appointment for routine medical check-ups. Personal support services like laundry/ironing, shopping, handyman, paying utility bills etc will be available on payment.

Amenities spread across the facilities are:

  • Reception and lobby which includes an emergency control station
  • Common dining and kitchen
  • Multipurpose room
  • TV lounge
  • Administration area
  • Meeting room
  • Library
  • Computer room
  • Indoor games area for carom / chess / board games
  • Physiotherapy
  • Yoga / meditation area
  • Facilities for home delivery from Convenience store
  • Guest rooms
  • Nursing station
  • Physician consultation room
  • Assisted Living
  • Staff accommodation

Synopsis of the same are listed below:

  • Onsite services of community physician – A qualified doctor would be available as per pre-defined time schedule for general consultation and periodic checkups, which will be planned on case to case basis.
  • Onsite services of registered nurse- A professionally qualified registered nurse would be available round the clock on shifts for meeting the basic nursing and emergency needs.
  • 24 hour emergency facilities – Arrangement will be made for a doctor on call & ambulance in handling medical emergencies.
  • Assisted living center (to be started in due course) – Residents / occupants will be able to use the assisted living unit for continuous care (based on the recommendations of the site physician for both usage and period of stay). The usage will be on incremental cost basis.
  • Physiotherapy and fitness services- A physiotherapist would be available during a part of the day to assist the occupant/residents with their physiotherapy and fitness needs. A large physiotherapy cum fitness center is part of the amenities provided.
  • Emergency alarm system- An emergency alarm response system would be installed at strategic points in the apartments, which would be monitored and manned at the central control station for medical emergencies.
  • Wellbeing – A part time instructor for positive ageing would be available to encourage residents /occupants to practice wellbeing activities. Facilities like reading room, television viewing room, group outings, hobby clubs, games, yoga, art & crafts room, and intellectual continuity tie ups etc., will be made/ available. Part time instructors would also be available for the recreational activities and hobbies.

To ensure that the senior residents and their guests live in a completely safe and a secure environment, a multi tier security arrangement will be available. This include access control into the estate, campus and building, security systems like CCTV cameras in common areas, emergency pull cord based alarm systems in the apartment bedroom & bathroom. Complex will be guarded 24X7 by security guards.

Any eligible Indian Citizen / PIO / OCI may apply for admission- subject to the applicant being at least 60 years of age or above as on date of admission Each unit is meant for occupation by a single person or a couple. In case of a couple, even if the spouse is under 60 years of age, but the main applicant is 60 years or above, then will be considered for admission.

No please this is only on admission on need basis and available till one plans to use it.

The place is available for admission of people under following conditions:

  • Elder above 60 years with / without spouse moving in for long term
  • Elder above 60 when their family has gone away for sometime
  • Elders above 60 years coming out of a hospital needing a recovery

The admission is subject to the senior citizen and his family completing the required documentation and paying the refundable deposit, medical deposit, etc with Krishnashray.

Children stay with parents under following conditions:
• Children can stay in general upto 90 days a year with parents
• Special Child can stay with his/her parents permanently
• Unmarried daughter till her marriage or divorcee daughter
• Daughters and Daughters in law coming for maternity upto 180 days and more only if community Doctor says so in special circumstances
Visitors and family can also use the adjoining Gopal Udyan guest rooms accommodation on pay and stay basis subject to availability.

  • One can pay a refundable interest free deposit of Rs 1,50,000/- and stay for trial period of up to 90 days on payment of residential cost on advance basis and subject to execution of prescribed agreement. There are limited units available for such stays and it will be subject to availability. More details can be seen on How to Book section of this website.
  • For regular stay the following amount has to be paid
    • Interest Free Refundable Security Deposit as prevailing at the time for the selected unit
    • Monthly lodging boarding mess and maintenance charges per person
    • In case the applicant does not have adequate medical insurance, mediclaim, CGHS or similar coverage, a Medical Deposit with mandate to Krishnashray to use for the resident in case of any medical or health related requirement or emergency, Any unused amount of medical deposit will be refundable.
    • Any other deposit or payment as warranted by management

Yes, the interest free refundable security deposit is safe. It will be with a very old reputed trust which has been in existence for a very long time. In case the resident seeks more security for the deposit, then they can be provided bank guarantee of the deposit amount subject to payment of bank guarantee charges by the resident.

All deposits sans cost still payable at the time of death and expense incurred post death will be refunded to the nominees or those willed as per document with the TRUST.

Irrespective of the reason, all deposits sans cost still payable at the time of leaving will be refunded to the resident.

The primary objective of the assisted living units is to provide healthcare and supervision at the later stages of life, when a person requires assistance with daily activities. The retirement community being exclusively for the senior citizen, the incremental cost like care giving, nursing, meals, laundry, electricity is charged at the applicable rates. Detailed rules will be furnished prior to allotment. The duration and eligibility for using the assisted living units will be as per the rules and advice of the in-house doctor.

Yes, Krishnashray will facilitate transportation by collaborating with a transport provider, and the services would be offered on a pre-determined time schedule. Vehicles would also be available for hire for individual use. In addition, active senior citizens can park and use their own vehicle.

Since this is a property for self use it cannot be inherited or sold. On leaving or demise of the resident, the deposit is refunded to the resident or their nominees after deducting any unpaid costs.

Of course, units and sample furnished units can be visited and seen with prior intimation.

The units in phase one of Krishnashray are ready for occupation. Several senior citizens have moved into Krishnashray and are enjoying their senior years.

There will be Doctor visiting thrice a week, nurse will be their 24X7 basis. One team of care givers would also be there. Doctor will also be available On Call. Arrangement will also be made to offer preferential treatment and hospitalization services at the hospital. Krishnashray strongly recommends all prospective residents to get themselves covered by taking up medical insurance.

Tie-up with an Ambulance service provider or an in-house ambulance shall be arranged to take a resident to his/her preferred choice of hospital. Ambulance service will be available only for emergencies and will not be allowed as a transport facility.

Yes, absolutely. The studio and 2 BHK units are being provided as fully furnished units. These will have chairs, sofas, bed with mattress, lights, fan, television, air-conditioning, refrigerator, water purifier, small wardrobe, bed linen, blankets, pillows, etc. Resident should bring clothes, footwear, toiletries, memorabilia, medicines, medical records, photo IDs, mediclaim/ medical insurance papers, mobile, chargers, winter wear, any other medical equipment or accessories required or recommended by doctor, etc.

Dining together is one of the key activities that makes human’s social and encourages friendship and companionship. The social interactions are even more important in senior citizens. Accordingly, a large dining hall is located on the ground floor of the building where residents enjoy their meals together. Vegetarian food is cooked in a well appointed kitchen and served at the communal dining area. Good wholesome food is made with utmost care and under hygienic conditions. Residents would be encouraged to give inputs to the menu. Special dietary requirements will also be catered for.

The tentative timings for serving meals will be from 7.00 am to 9.00 am, 12.00 pm to 2.00 pm and 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm for breakfast, lunch and dinner respectively. Actual timing will be decided closer to operations, and subject to resident’s feedback.

The food will be cooked in purified water and will also be available for drinking at the common dining hall. Other common areas will have provision for water dispensers/RO water, based upon total usage.

Yes, there are 2 guest rooms which have been provided for for visiting guests. Guest rooms will have to be booked by the residents in advance, subject to availability, and room charges to cover operational costs would have to be paid.
Additional guest rooms are available on the estate of Gopal Udyan subject to payment and availability.

Yes, they can avail the facilities and the services at an extra cost, based on rules and regulations applicable for guests.

While the sentiments of the pet lovers are respected, but Krishnashray is not equipped enough to take care of the pets, it therefore has a NO PETS policy. Under extraordinary circumstances only the management or the trust board may consider allowing pets with an explicit understanding that their care would be the personal liability of the residents and Krishnashray will under no circumstance be liable to look after them. Residents would also be responsible for maintaining hygiene, picking up droppings, ensuring that they do not disturb the peace, etc.

Services of plumber, electrician for basic repairs would be part of general maintenance. Common area housekeeping & maintenance will be carried out. Additional individual housekeeping would be arranged on a pre-determined fixed charge on a monthly basis, subject to advance intimation.

The nursing station will have a provision for sample collection area; Necessary tie-ups with a pathology lab will also be arranged in consultation with the local hospital.

As per the form, a self declaration will have to be provided on the resident’s health status along with source of meeting medical cost like previous employer, or Insurance etc. Krishnashray reserves the right to ask for further information, records and reports.

The first level of complaint would be to the center manager and in case the issue is not resolved then a complaint will be escalated to the Management Committee and then to TRUST board.

Bank ATM are not situated there. However arrangement will be attempted to make some arrangement for supporting cash withdrawal. Arrangement will be made for home delivery of medicines (including specialized ones) through the medical services provider. Pharmacies are situated near Government Netaji Subhashchandra Bose Medical College which is about 6 kms .

There is a separate area demarcated for visiting service providers like travel agents, insurance agents, and tax consultants. Depending upon the volumes Krishnashray will try to facilitate by inviting service providers. Bill payments will be facilitated by the in-house concierge.

Krishnashray concierge will provide support in arranging video calls using resident devices or through the computer area/ TV lounge / library area using Skype or such other suitable software/ applications; residents can use the same on nominal charges.

Some Common areas such as the TV Lounge, Library, Dining, Multipurpose hall, activities rooms, indoor games rooms, Physiotherapy room etc may be air-conditioned. Care has been taken in the design to have good amount of natural cross ventilation & aid in all common areas to be passive cooled.

Car parking will be available in the premises subject to booking at time of applying for Admission into KRISHNASHRAY.

The monthly expense statement will be given to each resident in physical copy format.

Monthly payments can be paid either through cheque or bank transfer in advance.

In case of default the outstanding amount would be adjusted from the deposit and after three months the services would be stopped and Resident advised to vacate the premises. Services will be extended once the outstanding are cleared and the deposit amount has been restored.

Special meals and programs would be organized in-house to promote resident involvement and interaction.

Yes, private gathering for family and friends can be organized in the large multipurpose hall/ open premises on chargeable basis depending upon availability of space. However these cannot be performed in a manner causing discomfort to other fellow Resident

For security measures it is advisable if residents inform the management of their travel plans.

The facilities/amenities provided in the complex are TV Lounge, multipurpose room for get together and activities, sermons, workshops, indoor games etc and a large library.

The monthly charges would be revised annually.

You are strongly advised to not do so. However if required as a special case and with special approval of the TRUST and subject to verifications.

As per Government regulations smoking or drinking in public / common areas is not allowed.

In the common areas 100% power backup would be provided in areas like dining, kitchen, activities rooms, emergency alarm system, lifts etc but excluding air-conditioning. In the apartments a back up of 1KW will be provided to support lights and fan and any medical equipment. The diesel generator back up power will be charged separately at prevailing cost.

There will be provisions for keeping the body in a mobile morgue for a maximum duration of 24 hours. Based on written directives the last rites can also be performed.

Yes, one can avail of the Short Stay option and do a trial for up to a 90 days period.